SSAS Tabular Workshop by SQLBI is the training course you need to jumpstart your modeling of BI solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012.

The course is very intense and is structured as a seminar with a high level of interaction with attendees. Questions are welcome, and when the course is delivered on-site to a single company, it is possible to customize examples using company-specific data.

This training is for professionals who want to exploit the full power of the new SSAS Tabular modeling.

No knowledge of previous versions of Analysis Services and Unified Dimensional Model (UDM, now called BISM Multidimensional) is required, because BISM Tabular is based on different concepts and on the new DAX language. You will also learn the differences between the two technologies (Tabular and Multidimensional) and when to choose one over the other. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model

The course is based on the book Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model, authored by our trainers.

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